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SCH AUTOMATIKA is one of Hungary's leading enterprises in beverage technology. Our enterprise is specialized in the manufacturing of middle to small machines and devices, which are suitable in particular for medium-size enterprises. We would like to provide here an overview to raise in which areas
is active, without however raising a requirement of completeness. We are constantly endeavored to extend our assortment and deal thereby especially with the desires of our customers. We try to perfect our assortment continuously. For special desires, questions or orders of our products please contact us at any time! We look forward to you!

PE bottles



SCH AUTOMATIKA LTD was founded in the end of the year 1992. Initially were manufactured mainly automatic control modules of different types for the brewing industries. In the following - likewise for the brewing industries - were produced filling plants for char-acid beverages and beer as well as wash and disinfecting systems. Since 1999 SCH AUTOMATIKA LTD produces pasteurizing devices, which master the processing of several thousand litres per hour by means of a new technology: the continuous-flow process. In the year 2000 the manual cleaning and filling plant for the PE bottles were added to our assortment, and follow thus a trend which continues into the present: Not to the large manufacturers belongs the future, but to the small and medium-size enterprises. which manufacture exclusive products with smaller manufacturing quantities. From now on they don't have to proceed without the newest technologies.
Therefore SCH AUTOMATIKA LTD manufactures today above all devices, which correspond to the newest state of the technology. We attached importance to the fact that our devices do not neet too much space, in order to make them useful even for maller and medium-size enterprises.


The production of systems for smaller and medium-size companies requires from the manufacturer a high measure of flexibility and adaptability to meet the customer's specific requirements. We saw this situation and understood it as a chance. Our customers can come to us with their suggestions and requirements and can be sure that we mobilize all forces to make their claims become true. When required, we can manufacture our equipments directly following your wishes and proposals.

Each equipment manufactured by SCH AUTOMATIKA LTD meets the Hungarian standards and prescriptions of foodstuff hygiene.