Here we provide a survey over our current assortment. For more detailed information please click on the small grafics.

Pasteurizing equipment- Continuous Type
The unit is conceived for the pasteurizing of all types of fruit juices and wines. By means of an appropriate pump the liquid is permanently led through the device. It is also suitable for beer or any type of food, which is based on fruit juice, whose pasteurization temperature does not exceed 95-96 °C and whose heating duration than is not longer 2-3 minutes.
Washing / Filling device for 19-l-bottles (Polyethylen)
In this machine 19-l-bottles from polyethylene are chemically cleaned and filled with germ-free water.
Cleaning device
for glass containers of all kinds as well as re-usable plastic bottles
Pasteurizing device
This device is suitable for the pasteurizing of beer, fruit juice and conserved food of all kinds. The food is pasteurized carefully in the packing.
Equipment for Soda and Mineral Water
Equipment for Soda-, Mineral Water and Carbonated Soft Drink Production
Manual filling machine with crown cap closing device
Usable for filling glass or plastic bottles with mineral water, char-acid alcohol-free beverages, beer, sparkling wine and perl wine.
Manual bottle filling machine for beverages / liquids without CO2 content
This system is suitable for the racking of liquids without O2-CGehalt (wine, seed oils, vinegar, fruit juices or agressive chemicals) in glass and plastic bottles

Labelling machine
manual operation, easy to handle